For the 3rd time we have scoured the nation looking for the freshest, coolest faces to front our advertising campaigns and billboards.
This year we took it one step further holding casting days in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester & Liverpool - where we found
the stars for 2014. Find out more about each of the FACE OF JD's below and look out for them in our ad campaigns this year!


Holding it down for Merseyside, Adam Jones was approached by the Face of JD street team in Liverpool and was persuaded to enter. Despite his hesitations, his good nature and self confidence meant he easily made the cut. Another one for the CV, Adam.

Fabio says he likes to dress for the occasion, but he wouldn't be seen without his trademark blonde flash and carefully placed piercings. He's calm and collected, but his passions are rooted in hip-hop, well-practiced in the free and expressive nature of krump dancing. In Fabio's words, he likes to 'be real'.

As a passionate stylist, Candice had no trouble standing out at our open casting days, mixing and matching elements of her favourite sportswear brands to deliver a completely unique and funky style. Whether it's in front of the camera posing, or behind the scenes talking fashion and details, Candice is in her element.

Ellie says that the energy of the competition carried her through to the finish, but she brings barrels more of that same energy to the table, as a bilingual gymnast and cheerleader with maths skills that could make her the Carol Vorderman of her generation.

George kicked things off with a dance school scholarship before he decided to dabble in acting, so it seemed only natural that he would do his thing in front of the camera for one of his favourite stores. He likes to kick back with a bit of kick boxing, and rides motocross bikes too - Is there anything that George can't do...?

An already established Youtube aficionado, Jake Walker's great-voice-and-good-looks combo means he has a following of over 4,000 fans... We're expecting big things from this youngster. First, the Face of JD. Next, the X-Factor..?

With experience already modelling her vibrant hair, and strutting on the catwalk, Jade says that the Face of JD journey so far has been something quite refreshing taking her well outside of her comfort zones. She says that JD Sports inspire the next generation, so we're happy that she's doing the same.

Mettisse admits that she just wants to have fun, and if that's her primary goal in life right now, then she's doing a pretty good job. Just like our other Faces this year, though, Mettisse is more than meets the eye as a skilled piano player who spends her spare time horse riding. Pretty cool, no?

Fitness model of the future, there's absolutely no denying that Miguel is strong. Don't be fooled by the muscles, though, as this guy is light on his feet and can't stop himself moving every time he hears a beat. So light, in fact, he used to be a superstar sprinter, and can somersault like it's nothing. Yeah, we're impressed too.

Despite Jawaad's ability to take a cracking selfie, and the fact that he describes himself as a hidden talent, if it wasn't for the pushy nature of his friends then he might never have entered the Face of JD competition in the first place. Well, Jawaad, we're ready to see you take it to the next level.

Having already done her thing as a contemporary dancer, and as a triple jumper for Manchester's Sale Harriers, Jada is ready for the next challenge. After two-years of cold feet, she finally took her chances and stepped up to the plate, and now finds herself a Face of JD star.

Megan is more than just a pretty face. In fact, she's a world-title carrying Irish Dancer with over nine years competitive experience. How's that for a hidden talent? She considers herself pretty unique, and with secret skills like that, we're inclined to agree.

James saw the Face of JD competition as a huge opportunity, but in actual fact, his skills as a football freestyler have already placed him on Sky TV, Sky Sports, Soccer Am, and in front of a full-house at Old Trafford... Maybe we should be taking tips from him.

Luke loved following the Face of JD competition last year, and felt the buzz from the events, the photos, the videos... This year he decided to take on the challenge, and now he's experiencing it first-hand. As a martial-arts practicing goalkeeper, we're expecting to see some trademarked moves fairly soon.

We're not sure why, but Natasha has been here before, only having entered in 2010 she wasn't one of the lucky few to make it through. She bounced back even stronger though, and this year, flew straight through to the final. She describes her style as a fusion of girly-girl-meets-tomboy and she's a natural in front of the camera.
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