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One of the GREATEST tennis players of his generation.
One of the most iconic shoes of all time.


The returning icon

It's now 42 years since the iconic Stan Smith tennis shoe first appeared on the scene, and its status as a cult classic has grown by the decade. In fact, to set the record straight, the adidas Stan Smith is the biggest selling shoe of all time. The simplistic design (plain white leather was regulation tennis wear at the time) and versatile functionality have made it one of the few truly unisex shoes available.

In short, it's a shoe for everyone.

The History

Since making its way from the tennis court to the street, over 40 million pairs of adidas Stan Smiths have been sold. Sales soared in the 1980s, when the shoe was picked up by Hip Hop and Terrace subcultures.

The Man

Stan Smith was the world's No.1 ranked tennis player in the early 1970s. During his long and impressive career, he won 39 singles titles. Smith's iconic silhouette, scruffy long hair and all have graced the shoe since 1972 - the year he won Wimbledon.

The Original

Though many have tried, no one has ever topped its timeless design, and the adidas Stan Smith remains in a class of its own. For all the remixes, restorations, variants, rarities and barefaced imitations, the Stan Smith shoe is a true Original.

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